Striking Ombre Crystal Design (high density)
Striking Ombre Crystal Design (high density)
Striking Ombre Crystal Design (high density)
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Striking Ombre Crystal Design (high density)

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How stunning is the Striking Ombre Design (high density) ?  Creating eye-catching focus points with striking different colors at specifically areas. 

a Completely covered-in-crystal suit with no gaps in-between the crystals on the Bikini Top and approx 1-2mm on the briefs (this is for crystal setting and movement space).

This high density pattern works even better with approx 3-4 different colors in 2 monochromatic groups.     

This design is worth every cent!!!

Choose Approximately 3-4  crystal colors for the Striking Ombre  Design.

Please note that the size of your TOP (L-XL) and BRIEF COVERAGE (Conservative) will increase the crystal pricing as the area of coverage gets bigger.  The pricing will get less for a smaller Top (XS-S) and Smaller Brief coverage (Micro) that will be deducted manually for you.

(Please take note of price changes when choosing specific TOP STYLES, BRIEF STYLES, CONNECTORS and IMPORTED FABRIC options.)

 We work on a 4-6 weeks production schedule, please place your order before the mentioned time frame.  We do allow rush orders at an extra after hour charge. 

All orders are final and any addition changes will be seen as alterations and will lead to  additional charges .  

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